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Expert HVAC Services offers custom ductwork installation, ductwork cleaning, and rerouting of your existing ductwork for efficiency. Our technicians specialize in installing ductwork in residential and commercial buildings, new construction, and additions.

We can design your ductwork system for maximum efficiency to save you on your monthly energy bills as well as lengthen the life of your heating and air conditioning systems by making it easier for them to control the climate. Efficient ductwork not only conserves energy, but can play a large role making your home more comfortable by reducing pollens and allergens as well as static electricity.

Custom Ductwork Designs

Our technicians will begin the job of designing custom ductwork in your home by touring the house to determine the most efficient manner to design a duct system that will ensure proper airflow throughout your home. The layout and material used in the duct system will be determined by the type of air conditioning and/or heating units in your home. Duct size is usually determined by the required cooling and heating loads for every room in the house, the overall length of the duct system, and the operating characteristics of the HVAC system.

Custom Ductwork Repair and Cleaning

How can you tell if your ductwork needs cleaning? Outside of visually inspecting your ductwork, your ductwork and HVAC systems might be exhibiting some signs suggesting it’s time for a cleaning. These symptoms include a spike in your energy bills over the same time period from previous years, noticeable reduced air flow, an increase in the effects of allergies or other breathing issues, mold on vents and register covers, and a noticeable odor apparent when the air conditioning or heating system blower is on.

Expert HVAC ductwork cleaning services include replacement of filters, vacuuming the blower compartment and return air boot, cleaning of return air registers, cleaning furnace fan and a thorough inspection of your entire ductwork system.

Expert HVAC technicians are also available to make any repairs in your ductwork including replacing entire sections of ductwork as well as minor repairs.

For more information about residential ductwork, read our ductwork cleaning article.